Durable Commercial Flooring, Airport Hangar

August 28, 2012

Up, Up and away. Aircraft Hangar Floor Takes Off With One Fast Floor.

This heavily used aircraft hangar in McMinnville, Oregon was in need of some serious upgrading. With persistent use over the last 10 years, solvents and cleaning solutions have heavily deteriorated the original epoxy coating.

The first step was to prepare the surface by shot blasting to remove all contaminants and profile the surface to accept the new coating. After profiling the concrete we filled several large cracks that had appeared in the concrete over the years and reground the area to leave a smooth surface that would no longer trap debris and dirt. Two coats of HP Spartacoat solid colored base coat was applied to the surface and two coats of clear heavy duty matte sealer with an anti-slip additive was then applied to provide an extremely durable, chemical and fuel resistant floor which is easily cleaned.

Airport Hangar by Alternative Surfaces

Airport Hangar by Alternative Surfaces

The bright, attractive appearance transformed the hangar to the extreme satisfaction of the client.

Our applicators use the most professional equipment and procedures to assure speed and simplicity of application. Our advanced equipment is custom manufactured for high production, top quality preparation methods for any and all types of floor conditions.

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