Anti Slip Flooring for Swimming Pool Surfaces

June 9, 2012

PoolGets A Grip With Quartz Carpet By Alternative Surfaces:

Quartz Carpet is proving a popular choice for swimming pool surrounds.  A mix of natural and synthetic aggregates bound in a clear resin, Quartz Carpet offers a highly decorative and hard wearing surface that is aesthetically pleasing, warm and soft underfoot whilst incorporating an anti-slip flooring coating for added safety.  Easily maintained, it can be pressure washed to prolong its stunning appearance and its porosity means less surfacewater on the pool side. QuartzCarpet  is also a versatile floor finish for showroom floors, offices, museums, receptions, swimming pools or even your living room.

QuartzCarpet offers many advantages over traditional surfaces, when walked on in barefeet it feels pleasantly warm and has a soft sensation similar to carpet. The resistance to wear however will be similar to ceramic tiles.

QuartzCarpet can also help reduce noise from pedestrian trafficking. While the open matrix allows dust to fall into the open pores, preventing dust “flyup” when trafficked yet can be easily removed with a vacuum cleaner. Spillages can be cleaned with a wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

The air trapped within the structure of the Quartz carpet is around ambient air temperature, so a Quartz Carpet floor will always feel pleasantly comfortable within a few degrees of room temperature. If your room temperature is around 70° the stone carpet will have an average temperature of approx 60°. Under floor heating can also be used to create a warm floor throughout the year.

Alternative Surfaces is the exclusive installer for Quartzcarpet in Oregon and Washington.

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