Beautiful Basement Flooring in Portland

December 22, 2015

Basement floors in the Northwest pose numerous problems for conventional floor coverings of which, hydrostatic pressure will cause the failure of most if not all sheet goods or hardwoods.  Most floors we see will have a failed floor paint or coating applied to the surface and in some cases even floors with vapor barriers will have failed due to excessive moisture.

Quartz Carpet is a naturally breathable material that is engineered specifically to cover basement floors that are prone to dampness.  Quartz Carpet is perfect for basement flooring  but is also ideal for any interior concrete floors – these seamless floors are available in a wide variety of colors and can incorporate designs and logos that will quickly transform drab, ugly concrete floors into rooms you will actually want to spend time in.


Not only does Quartz Carpet have a warm appearance, but it also feels comfortable without the use of under floor heating as the aggregate will absorb the ambient temperature of the room.  We use only the highest quality low VOC materials that will have no residual odor once cured.  You will have years of pleasure with a seamless basement floor like Quartz Carpet – the floors durable finish ensures that they are suitable for commercial flooring applications and are very popular in retail and high traffic locations.

Some of the benefits of a Quartz Carpet Basement Floor are:

  • Not affected by dampness, moisture or even flooding
  • Anti-microbial agents resists mold and mildew
  • Does not trap in moisture
  • Specifically engineered hydrostatic ports allow

moisture/water to evaporate and allow concrete

floors to breathe naturally

  • Reduces or eliminates musty and moldy odors
  • Cleans easily with a broom, vacuum or damp mop
  • Create unique patterns, borders and designs
  • Superior insulation rating (R-value), 2-3 times that

of carpeting

  • Integrates with overall design of your home
  • Unlimited color choices
  • Specifically engineered stone-to-epoxy mix ratio for

maximum durability and longevity

  • Amazingly comfortable to walk on, even in bare feet
  • Can increase a home’s value
  •            Seamless—no grouting or divisions will appear This is
  •            both and aesthetic benefit and an hygienic benefit.
  •            Warmer than traditional floor coverings—same heat
  •            retention as a timber floor.
  •            Low Maintanance
  •            Non-slip
  •            Durability—More durable than wood, tiles or carpets.
  •            Comes with 5-year guarantee.

Seamless flooring is low-maintenance, decorative, tough, and clean. Ideal for asthma sufferers or for anyone who wants a dust-free environment and a warm floor at the same time.

Cat or dog hairs, mud or other dirt?

Seamless flooring is clean in no time at all! Beautiful because of the amount

of different color combinations possible.

A quartz Carpet floor is stronger than concrete and is a permanent solution for concrete floors.

For quotations, enquiries and additional information about your commercial or residential coating options, please feel free to contact us.