Commercial Flooring, Concrete Resurfacing in Portland Oregon

January 14, 2013

This 6,000 s/f old shop floor had extensive oil contamination and deterioration from many years of constant use.  The future use of the space would entail chemical spills and frequent cleaning along with heavy forklift traffic.  The removal of the concrete was not an option for the client as this would have impacted their workflow. To meet these demands Alternative Surfaces installed a concrete flooring Sika Epo Rok finish with a 510LPL polyaspartic top coat.  Once cured the Epocem system provides a completely seamless, monolithic coating that is easy to clean and tough enough to withstand the daily use of a facility like this and can be ready for use under 24 hours. This project was completed exactly to the requirements by manufacturer and client, on time and on budget.

Alternative Surfaces’ flooring solutions include fast setting coatings that allow return to service within 2 hours, anti-slip, UV stable that are suitable for new and old facilities.  We offer a full range of decorative and performance coatings suitable for virtually any flooring need from showrooms, auto shops, factories, bars and restaurants our floors are both functional and aesthetically pleasing and we pride ourselves on offering un-biased solutions for your flooring needs. Our combination of experience and superior quality floor coatings from some of the worlds leading manufacturers ensures that we will meet your needs every time.

Alternative Surfaces offers you the state of the art in floor and wall coating services designed to fit your commercial flooring needs. Our applicators use the most professional equipment and procedures to assure speed and simplicity of application. For quotations, enquiries and additional information about your options, please contact us today. {p} 503.830.0207