Commercial Flooring, Portland Oregon

February 18, 2012

We received a call from a tanning salon from Portland who had been in his newly fitted  practice less than a year.  The owner wanted to upgrade to some high traffic commercial flooring.  The 1,500 square foot floor was acid stained concrete, covered with a clear acrylic coating. Unfortunately they did not like the acid stain, plus the seal coating was beginning to delaminate in places leaving a tough to clean, unhygienic surface.

After inspecting the floor it was clear the original concrete had not been ground to create a suitable surface for the stain or sealer to bond to.

Due to the inevitable disruption to the business, we agreed to rectify the flooring over a typically slow 3 days in their business. The first thing we had to do was to carefully protect all the cabinetry, which could not be removed due to time constraints. Then using HTC heavy duty industrial grinders we ground off the coating and created a profile on the surface of the concrete floor for our overlay to bond to.

Alternative Surfaces met the clients’ needs by applyingthe X-Bond System in a Natural Grain. Because it is specially designed to chemically adhere to any solid surface, this fast drying system allowed us to meet the very strict time lines.  This helped reduce the installation time by 50% and the entire project came in at a remodeling cost of 25% less than its original budget and the client was open for business in 3 days.

With the use of overlays and stains we can transform an ordinary concrete slab into a luxurious old world floor resembling marble or glazed stone with vibrant modern colors that turn floors into works of art.

Our overlay process surpasses all others in performance and durability. It will not chip, fade, or peel,and will last the lifetime of the surface to which it is applied.

Alternative Surfaces will transform any concrete surface in any condition into an easy to maintain floor,while still being very economical. For quotations, enquiries and additional information about your options, please contact us today. {p} 503.830.0207