Commercial Showroom Flooring – Portland

March 3, 2016

Having worked at another showroom in NW Portland that had an Epoxy Stone floor installed, the owners of Eastbank Contractors Appliances wanted a hard wearing, durable, low-maintenance solution for their new showroom in SE Portland.

 Having initially bid a project with them close to a year ago they finally settled on a 100 year old building at 800 SE Hawthorne that fit their needs to a T – that is aside from the floor.

The existing floor had been painted several time and was badly worn – the owners had considered just painting the surface again but after speaking with other showroom owners decided to opt for Quartz Carpet.

Some of the contributing factors to their decision:

          • Virtually maintenance-free

          • Cleans easily with vacuum.

          • Skid and slip-resistant

          • Hides chipped, cracked and stained concrete

          • Does not trap moisture (carpet, paint, tile and other coatings do, which is why they don’t last)

          • Comfortable to walk on – even in bare feet

          • A wide range of colors choices

          • Create unique patterns, borders, designs and logos

          • Environmentally friendly

Two days of preparation were required to ensure the surface was ready to accept the new surface.  We primed the Surface and heavily sanded it to ensure a good bond coat and allowed to dry overnight.

4,300 square feet was installed in one day, on time and on budget to the extreme satisfaction of the new owners.

With a limitless selection of resurfacing solutions for all industries, Alternative Surfaces prides itself on tailoring custom flooring solutions for each specific client.

About Quartz Carpet:

Our coating systems are designed to provide aesthetic enhancement and abrasion and chemical resistance to a floor surface. Because a coating is dense, seamless and has low porosity, it is easier to clean and maintain than an un-coated surface. Coatings are available in variety of colors, allowing you to match your floor’s new look to the rest of the environment. Alternative Surfaces offers thin-film and high-build coating systems for bars, restaurants, retail spaces, assembly and light manufacturing areas, aircraft hangars, food process areas, laboratories, warehouses and similar industrial and commercial areas.

With its reserved elegance it fits perfectly into every setting and provides a grand entrance area, especially in high traffic areas such as entrance halls and corridors.

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