Epoxy Floor Coating

December 31, 2012

Evan Mitchell, owner of Alternative Surfaces said: “After walls, floors represent the largest component in an interior design scheme – and so offer an excellent platform to make a bold statement underfoot, particularly in retail areas. “Alternative Surfaces delivers systems with the necessary performance and durability characteristics which also embrace the latest designs – the latest systems herald a new era in sustainability, delivering a choice of products with extensive performance and sustainability credentials as standard. “We are excited by what we have to offer and we believe we have solutions to fit all industries that transform retail spaces and allow architects and specifiers to seamlessly meet the most stringent green construction ratings.

Alternative Surfaces’ epoxy floor coating systems have been used extensively in commercial locations, including retail areas, as well as airports, stadia, hotels, hospitals, residential sites, offices, schools, colleges and universities. In the retail industry, concrete floor coating systems have been widely-used in a variety of environments from large-scale shopping centers, department stores and supermarkets through to high street chains, fashion boutiques and other specialized retail units.

A design-led and innovative company, Alternative Surfaces works hand in hand with architects and contractors to produce the best possible results every time and on every job. In essence we look to fulfill a clients brief to the letter and do not simply resort to off the shelf solutions. Alternative Surfaces offers you the state of the art in floor and wall coating services designed to fit yourcommercial flooring needs. Our applicators use the most professional equipment and procedures to assure speed and simplicity of application.  For quotations, equires, and additional information please contact us today.  {p} 503.830.0207 www.AlternativeSurfaces.net