Garage Floor Finish

December 5, 2015

Beaverton  / Portland’s Premier Custom Garage Coatings Applicator

This failed epoxy floor was diamond ground off using a HTC 500 grinder and diamond bladed hand tools.  Careful attention to detail on the grinding is imperative to ensure proper adhesion of the new coating and is the #1 cause of floor coating failures that we have seen. We removed a caulking material that had been placed in the expansion joint by the previous contractor which had bubbled up – likely as it was coated over too soon and the coating applied didn’t allow it to off-gas.

image19Alternative Surfaces multi layered flooring system was chosen for it’s superior adhesion, strength and flexibility. This 4 coat system involves a tinted base coat, vinyl chips for color and top coats.

Alternative Surfaces efficiently restored the clients garage floor in just one day which included the removal of the failed epoxy coating ensuring no more hot tire pick-up, no staining of the floor from tires and other items. The full broadcast chip system hides dirt and debris while leaving a safe anti-slip surface.

Our coating systems are more than just concrete floor paint they are commercial floor coating systems that are specified in auto shops and heavy traffic areas, so more than capable of holding up to even the heavies of traffic in a residential setting. Unlike Epoxy, this system will not to peel, lift or delaminate, it will not yellow and it will resists hot tire lift off while being chemically resistant. In many cases our coating system can be installed in just one day, but each project is a little different. Your new garage floor will have a show room finish that is easy to clean and maintain.

  •                3 Times the abrasion resistance to epoxy
  •                Will not delaminate or peel
  •                Eliminates “Hot Tire” lift off
  •                Chemically Resistant
  •                One / Two Day installation
  •                Walk on in Two Hours / Drive on in 24 Hours
  •                Safe Coating System with Slip Resistance Added
  •                Easy to clean and maintain


An Alternative Surfaces Garage Floor Coating System has four times the abrasion resistance, twice the adhesion, and 95% more flexibility than Epoxy. These characteristics are combined with its ability to cure rapidly and be completed in one day at any temperature (based on a standard 2-3 car garage) with 100’s of colors to choose from.

Where do you start? All floors must be inspected prior to any job – a trained professional will visit your home and review the substrate conditions with you to see if your garage is a candidate for a seamless coating system. We can help you choose a color or pattern just tell us what you’d like to see and in all likelihood we’ll be able to accommodate.

Our factory-trained installation team will apply your new Alternative Surface Garage Floor using our commercial grade seamless, high gloss process – guaranteed to give you years of durability and satisfaction. We will work with you to schedule your installation around your schedule.

Alternative Surfaces Garage Floors Vancouver Washington is the smart solution that fits how you live, and what you do and how you use your garage.


Contact us today and tell us your story. We are confident that we can meet your schedule, budget and finish requirements!

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