Garage Floor Repair, Vancouver Washington

April 16, 2014
Recently a Vancouver homeowner called us to see if we could help him. He had installed a “do it yourself” epoxy garage floor coating a year or so prior to calling us, and the epoxy coating had begun to fail. To make matters even worse, the slab in his 4-car garage (which was 25+ years old) had nearly 150 feet of cracks in it. The floor was showing significant coating loss, peeling and lifting which is pretty typical of a lot of floors we see unfortunately.

He was in the process of remodeling his home and putting new cabinets in his garage and wanted his garage to have a “finished” look to it. We were able to remove his old, “do it yourself” epoxy floor (for no additional charge). We then repaired his concrete slab cracks using our proprietary fast curing and extremely tough crack filler. Despite the fact that some of his cracks were nearly ½” wide, we were able to repair all of the cracks which gave us a smooth surface on which to install our coating.

We used HTC concrete grinding equipment with diamond blades and a dustless vacuum system to remove the coating. Once the coating was removed we ground the surface eliminating high spots and potential bond breakers like oil and grease in the surface and filled all the cracks, which given the extent of the damage took longer than normal.

The Garage floor coating we used absorbed into the surface, sealing the air holes and veins in the concrete. This process also serves to cap off moisture pressure preventing possibility of delamination.

The project took two days in total and the owners were able to have their cabinets installed the following day. The first day we completed the surface preparation and the second day the coatings were applied in Saddle Tan.

Alternative Surfaces installs between150-180 floors like this every year in Oregon, Washington and Northern California (commercial only in California) in garages of all shapes and sizes.

An Alternative Surfaces Garage Floor System has four times the abrasion resistance, twice the adhesion, and 95% more flexibility than Epoxy. These characteristics are combined with its ability to cure rapidly and be completed in one day at any temperature (based on a standard 2-3 car garage) with 100’s of colors to choose from.

Where do you begin with garage floor repair? All floors must be inspected prior to any job – a trained professional will visit your home and review the substrate conditions with you to see if your garage is a candidate for a seamless coating system. We can help you choose a color or pattern just tell us what you’d like to see and in all likelihood we’ll be able to accommodate.

Our factory-trained installation team will apply your new Alternative Surface Garage Floor using our commercial grade seamless, high gloss process – guaranteed to give you years of durability and satisfaction. We will work with you to schedule your installation around your schedule.

Alternative Surfaces is the smart solution that fits how you live, and what you do and how you use your garage.

Contact us today and tell us your story. We are confident that we can meet your schedule, budget and finish requirements!