Portland Garage Floor

April 24, 2011

Portland Garage Floor:


This Portland home had an epoxy coating applied just last year by the homeowner – within weeks it started to exhibit signs of failure and frustrated with the lack of performance he called us in to assess the situation. These Big Box DIY floor kits give “Epoxy” a bad name. But they’re cheap! Yeah, it’s cheap! Almost 50% of the floors we’ve been out to fix were these DIY floors from a can. Most were less than a year old and already the car tires were pulling up the coating, pealing, showing stains and leaving skid marks. The solid color floor always shows more dirt and debris than a full broadcast floor and generally speaking these are to be considered as temporary solutions only.

Challenges: The first step was to remove the existing failing epoxy coating and caulk from the joints. After which, the concrete had to be ground smooth. We mechanically grind old coatings off the floor (we grind or shot-blast to profile all of our projects) as well as the top of the concrete to allow a chemical bond between coating and substrate.

Once the failed material had been removed and the concrete ground, we repaired all existing cracks with a specialty filler that chemically bonds the cracks together and leaves a smooth surface when cured.

Solution: Once the cracks had been filled and ground smooth, we applied our 4 coat polyurea system in just one day and our client was able to return their garage back to normal the following morning.

An Alternative Surfaces Garage Floor Coating System has four times the abrasion resistance, twice the adhesion, and 95% more flexibility than Epoxy. These characteristics are combined with its ability to cure rapidly and be completed in one day at any temperature. (based on a standard 2-3 car garage).


Where do you start? All floors must be inspected prior to any job – a trained professional will visit your home and review the substrate conditions with you to see if your garage is a candidate for a seamless coating system. We can help you choose a color or pattern just tell us what you’d like to see and in all likelihood we’ll be able to accommodate.

Our factory-trained installation team will apply your new Alternative Surface Garage Floor using our commercial grade seamless, high gloss process – guaranteed to give you years of durability and satisfaction. We will work with you to schedule your installation around your schedule.


Existing failed Epoxy coating applied by homeowner in 2009

Alternative Surfaces Garage Floors Portland Oregon is the smart solution that fits how you live, and what you do and how you use your garage.

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