Happy Client to Sleep in Garage on Floor?

August 21, 2015


My garage looks incredible.  It is even better than I expected.  I may not move anything back into the garage other than the Healey and a cot.  I think I’ll start living there.  I have the place wired for sound.  I can put on a stack of my favorite tunes and just stay in the garage.  

On a serious note, Colin and Pablo are two of the hardest workers I think I have seen in a long time.  I am sure you are aware of this but I still feel motivated to offer my opinion of the two guys.  They came here ay 07:30 am Wednesday.  Marilynn and I left to get a bite to eat at about 16:30 that evening and they were still working on the last coat of the sealant.  Colin and Pablo deserve special recognition by whatever means you have available.

On a second serious note.  The outcome of my floor project is really gorgeous.  I would like share my experience with Alternative Surfaces as well as the outcome of the project with my Healey colleagues.  Could we schedule you as a speaker at one of our Saturday club meetings a little later into the spring or early summer?  We meet the second Saturday of each month.  I was thinking maybe a mid- to late morning session.  followed by a back yard BBQ in which I will burn hamburgers, and our monthly business meeting.  If I can get this scheduled with the club and the weather holds out I am going to ask as many as possible to drive their Healeys.  I would like to get 3-4 rows on Healeys on my driveway about 4 abreast.  That would be 12-16 Healeys.  How’d that be for a sight?  This idea came to me as I was shooting  pictures of the process at different stages.  we can use the pictures in the presentation.

Thanks for the feedback John.  It was a pleasure working with you and we’re delighted you’re so happy with the finished floor.  The only thing that looks better in there is that beautiful Vintage Healey.

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