Heavy Duty Industrial Epoxy Flooring, Portland, Oregon

February 5, 2015

ConMet were in need of a heavy duty floor coating to resurface a badly deteriorated 15,000 square foot concrete slab in their containment area at their plant in Portland, Oregon.

As part of the scope Alternative Surfaces were tasked with re-grading the concrete to accommodate new drains and curbs.
The area was heavily used by forklifts and also used for drop boxed with extremely heavy loads.
 The work was planned in two phases over several weeks to minimize disruptions to the production schedule at this very busy facility.

Prior to mobilizing for the coatings we had to degrease the heavily soiled slab.  The concrete was then shot blasted to and the cracks and joints repaired.

Due to the heavy loads and requirements by ConMet a SikaFloor Urethane Cement was specified.  In addition we added an aluminum oxide broadcast at a rate of 1lb per square foot to increase abrasion resistance and increase traction.  Once the Urethane Cement was dry we coated the area with 2 coats of SikaFloor Polyaspartic to leave an extremely durable and chemically resistant coating.

ConMet were in need of a heavy duty floor coatingThe project was completed in 2 phases, with each phase completed in over 3 days.  This heavy duty industrial floor coating is the most durable floor coating on the market and is widely specified in the most demanding manufacturing facilities throughout the world.

Alternative Surfaces’ flooring solutions include fast setting coatings that allow return to service within 2 hours, anti-slip, UV stable that are suitable for new and old facilities.  We offer a full range of decorative and performance coatings suitable for virtually any industry from showrooms, auto shops, factories, bars and restaurants. Our floors are both functional and aesthetically pleasing and we pride ourselves on offering un-biased solutions for your flooring needs.

Our combination of experience and superior quality floor coatings from some of the worlds leading manufacturers ensures that we will meet your needs every time.

Alternative Surfaces offer you state of the art epoxy flooring slutions designed to fit your commercial flooring needs.

Our applicators use the most professional equipment and procedures to assure speed and simplicity of application.

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