Northwest Epoxy Floor Coatings

May 7, 2011

Are you disappointed with the appearance of your garage floor? Is your concrete riddled with oil stains or paint … or cracking? You are not alone. Millions of homeowners have struggled with a problem they thought was un-fixable, but it is.

Alternative Surfaces installs various epoxy floor coatings to provide homeowners with a sigh of relief and a beautiful, durable garage floor.

We have a multitude of flooring products -from epoxies and stains to our polished concrete your options and color choices are endless.

For years we’ve been doing epoxy flooring and coating and for years there have been hundreds of options for flooring materials that range from the simple (home depot) type epoxies to the industrial strength polyurethanes and polyureas.

First determine what you ultimately want to use the garage flooring space for – some folks are wrenching on cars and others are just looking for a dry space for the kids to play in our notorious Fall/Winter/Spring weather.

Regardless of the style you choose your floor will become resistant to oils, gasoline, paints and other items that are so often the demise of a clean garage.

Maintenance is literally a breeze… Items won’t stick to the chemically resistant garage floor coating. Don’t be fooled by inferior look-alikes that are really just paint. There is a big difference!


  • Surface grinding and/or bead blasting
  • Crack repair
  • Hot tire resistant, won’t peel up
  • Stem wall treatment
  • Resistant to oils, paints, gasoline, brake fluid, pesticides and a wide range of other chemicals

Maintenance – all you need is water and a rag!

It’s a permanent finish that will raise the value of your property should you ever resell. It’s a 4-5 layer process only done by a professional. And it has to be done right!

When professionally installed, polished concrete can look absolutely stunning, however, the staining process is similar to staining wood. You never know exactly what it’s going to look like until it’s complete. There are several variables: color and grade of the concrete. Has it been poured in sections or at one place, are there any existing cracks, how many layers of stain do you want applied? We often have our floor specialists apply a little stain in a corner of your garage floor to give an idea before we get started.

Instead of people moving we now have many clients that still want to improve their homes in some way and add value of course. For a fraction of the cost of adding a room or storage space you can have Alternative Surfaces come in add real cubic storage space at a much lower cost than full blown remodels.

For additional information about options for your garage, basement, restaurant or commercial space call today for a complimentary design consultation with an Alternative Surfaces professional.

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