Showroom Flooring, Seattle Washington

May 5, 2012

Location: Seattle, WA Rubenstein’s is proud to introduce Quartz Carpet – a revolutionary brand of seamless flooring and wall systems for use all around the home and business place – inside and out. Quartz Carpet is the result of 30 years of development in Europe and is widely embraced as the modern alternative to wood, carpet and tile throughout Europe and Asia. These finishes promise to bring ‘the outside in’. The message is: loose the shoes; relax; take it easy and get comfortable.

Evan Mitchell, owner of Alternative Surfaces who has partnered with Rubenstein’s to launch Quartz Carpet in the Northwest, was inspired by the seamless floors he’d seen on his travels in his native Europe. After several years in the surfacing business, Evan turned his attentions to a different kind of industry, which unites his love of flooring with his passion for health and well-being.

According to Mitchell, using the latest technology, Alternative Surfaces delivers seamless surfacing with a sophisticated look, creating inspirational space from the ground up. For discerning customers looking to create spaces that look and feel good, Quartz Carpet encourages them to ditch their shoes and discover the invigorating freedom of barefoot living.

Fabulous flooring, combined with Feng Shui principles, can infuse your living or work space with grace and harmony. To maximize your space’s potential, remove the clutter, open the windows, and let the outside in. Walk barefoot on our stone carpets and allow the stones to massage away the stresses of the day.

Quartz carpet generates energized, vibrant spaces in your home while also providing hardwearing, sustainable surfaces for commercial installations or showroom flooring. Products include stone carpet finishes and seamless surfaces in a range of hues which can be customized with designs for the most discerning client.

Introducing two new products to the premium surface market:

Quartz Carpet is an extraordinarily tough and unique option in flooring. Stylish and sleek with a distinctly silky feel, it works beautifully with any décor. From Old World to Ultra-modern interiors, it provides a look that is unique, timeless and clean. Quartz Carpet is a seamless stone flooring system utilizing natural quartz granules in various sizes and finished with various textures. The quartz stones are graded by size and selected by shape to result in unrivaled aesthetics and performance. The stones are available in a “rainbow” of colors and 3 granule sizes.

Crystal Glass Wall Surface combines recycled glass and mirror fragments, creating a unique seamless finish that can be applied to virtually any surface. This new option integrates post-consumer recycled glass creating a sleek, silky, durable and environmentally-friendly surface, available in over 1000 color options. With unlimited design flexibility, company logos can be integrated with ease, in a range of dynamic colors. All systems are installed by Rubenstein’s professional craftsmen and floor finishes come with the option of underfloor heating.

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