Warehouse Distribution Center Gets New Epoxy Floor Coating

August 21, 2015

Vancouver, WA

Warehouses are subjected to constant punishment by forklifts and heavy traffic and quite often there is substantial deterioration to the concrete slabs. Our client is an international distributor of electronic components for the high-tech industry and were expanding their assembly, storage and distribution facility into a new 6,000 SF space.

The floor was over 20 years old and had extensive settling, cracks and changes in levels in certain parts.

The new surface had to be bright as there was very limited natural light in the space and the client did not want to have to upgrade the lighting. We were asked to provide a good, better and best alternative to the floor as the client was in the process of negotiating a long-term lease with a view to a potential purchase of the building.

Given the use of the area and the repairs to be made and after installing 3 onsite samples the client decided upon a full broadcast flake floor with polyurea top coats


Alternative Surfaces shot blasted the entire area, patched the spalls and badly deteriorated areas, caulked all of the joints and set about applying the new epoxy floor coating system.

We first applied a tinted SIKA 107 primer and then applied a SIKA 510 Polyurea with a broadcast flake and top coated with 2 coats of SIKA 510 LPL.

The project was completed in 6 days, on time and on budget to the satisfaction of the client.

The new SIKA floor system is easy to maintain, provides superior slip resistance and provides a much brighter and safer work environment.

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